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Frequently Asked Questions

Is our food gluten free?

All of our food is gluten free with the exception of our bread. However, our bread is baked on premises. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our food is free from gluten. 

 Is our food Vegan? 

With the exception of the pita bread and the chicken shawarma, all food at Shai is vegan.

 Is our food Vegetarian?

With the exception of the chicken shawarma, all food at Shai is vegetarian.

What makes our pita so special?

Our pita has yogurt in the dough which makes it very fluffy, soft and gives it a sourdough flavor. Additionally, we brush the bread with egg and finish it with spices and sesame seeds. This gives the pita a golden brown appearance.

Does your food contain nuts?

While we are a nut free environment, we cannot guarantee that cross contamination has not occurred at one of our suppliers facilities. 

Is Shai Kosher?

No, we are not kosher.

Does Shai accept cash payments?

We are a cashless business.